Black Sesame Paste 芝麻糊

Sesame seeds are very valuable sources of dietary protein with fine quality amino acids that are essential for growth, especially in children. They are rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron and manganese.
There are two types of sesame seeds – black and white sesame seeds. Both of them contain almost the same composition. The difference is white sesame seed is better for edible purpose but the black version is preferable if used for medicinal purpose.

Black sesame seeds are good at nourishing the liver and kidney and improving hair growth and hair color as black sesame seeds contains sesamin and melanin.  It also helps in weight loss, lowering blood pressure. 

Since black sesame seeds are good for our health, I have learnt to make black sesame paste.  It is a traditional Chinese dessert using black sesame seeds.  Rice or rice flour is used in the traditional way of cooking to thicken the mixture.  I use peanut butter instead.  Peanut butter thicken the mixture and at the same time adds nutty taste to the dessert. 

Ingredients (serves 3 to 4 bowls)

1.  10 tbsp black sesame seeds powder
2.  7 tbsp peanut butter
3.  4 tbsp sugar
4.  3 cups water


1.  Toast black sesame powder in a heated pan for a few minutes until you can smell the fragrant of sesame powder.  (*Note  :  do not add oil)

2.  Transfer black sesame powder into a pot of boiling water.  Add peanut butter and sugar and stir well. 

3.  Serve black sesame paste hot.


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