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Dirty Chocolate Cake 脏脏蛋糕

A few bakeries start to sell dirty bun or some call it messy bun.  Instead of a bun, I bake a cake.  This cake is similar to lava cake.  The chocolate cream in the centre of the cake is creamy yet light.  This cake is a lighter version of the regular chocolate cake.

Ingredients  for 7 inch baking tin  (measurement for 6 inch baking tin is indicated in brackets)
Cake batter 1.  5 eggs yolks   (4 yolks) 2.  25g sugar   (20g) 3.  75g oil     (60g) 4.  90g milk  (70g) 5.  20g coco powder  (15g) 6.  100g cake flour  (80g)
Meringue 1.  5 egg whites  (4 egg whites) 2.  100g sugar    (80g
Chocolate cream 1.  1 egg yolk  
2.  15g sugar  
3.  5g coco powder

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