Dirty Chocolate Cake 脏脏蛋糕

A few bakeries start to sell dirty bun or some call it messy bun.  Instead of a bun, I bake a cake.  This cake is similar to lava cake.  The chocolate cream in the centre of the cake is creamy yet light.  This cake is a lighter version of the regular chocolate cake.

Ingredients  for 7 inch baking tin  (measurement for 6 inch baking tin is indicated in brackets)

Cake batter
1.  5 eggs yolks   (4 yolks)
2.  25g sugar   (20g)
3.  75g oil     (60g)
4.  90g milk  (70g)
5.  20g coco powder  (15g)
6.  100g cake flour  (80g)

1.  5 egg whites  (4 egg whites)
2.  100g sugar    (80g

Chocolate cream
1.  1 egg yolk  
2.  15g sugar  
3.  5g coco powder  
4.  5g cornflour  
4.  30g milk  
5.  90g whipping cream  
6.  110g milk  
7.  30g dark chocolate  
8.  10g butter 

Chocolate ganache
1.  10g dark chocolate
2.  10g whipping cream
3.  some coco powder



1 Beat egg whites until foamy.  Gradually add sugar.
2.  Beat until stiff peak and set aside.

Cake batter

1.  In a bowl, combine egg yolks with sugar.  Mix with a egg whisk.

2.  Add oil and milk and mix well.

3.  Sift in coco powder and flour and mix with egg whisk.

Combine meringue and cake batter

1.  Fold in 1/3 of meringue to cake batter.
2.  Repeat for the rest of the meringue.
3.  Pour batter into baking tin and bake for 40 mins or until skewer comes out clean.  (170 degree Celsius)
4.  Turn cake over to cool.

Chocolate Cream

1.  Combine egg yolk with sugar and mix well with egg whisk.

2.  Pour milk to stir well.
3.  Sift in coco powder and cornflour and mix well.

4.  In a pot, pour whipping cream and 110g milk.  Add the chocolate mixture.
     Cook mixture using low heat and stir constantly.
5.  Remove from stove when mixture starts to boil.
6.  Add dark chocolate and butter and stir well.
7.  Pour cream into a piping bag and allow it to cool before using.

Chocolate Ganache

1.  Melt chocolate using microwave (1 min) or double boiling method
     (Double boiling method  :  Heat a pot of water.  Put chocolate in a bowl.  Place bowl in
      the hot water and allow it to melt.)
2.  Add whipping cream and mix well.
3.  Pour ganache into a small piping bag.  
1.  Dig a small hole of the cake with a spatula.  Use a the spatula to 'poke' into the sides of the hole.  This way the cream can be piped into the cake.
2.  Frost the top of the cake with the left over chocolate cream.  
3.  Sift coco powder onto the top of the cake.
4.  Decorate the cake with chocolate ganache.


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