Chili...Mr Baek's receipe

Mr Baek did it again!  I tried this chili recipe after watching Home Cook Rescue 3.  The pot of chili I made using this recipe was great.  Unlike the usual chili recipe, this recipe does not require beans or a lot of spices.  Yet, it was flavourful and we just can't stop eating it.
The second time I tried this recipe, I used pasta sauce instead of ketchup as I ran out of it.  It was equally good, if not better.

1)  2 cups onions (that is about 1 big onions, chopped)
2)  1 cup mince beef (about 200g)
3)  2 tbsp. chili powder
4)  1 tbsp. sugar
5)  2 tbsp. mince garlic
6)  1 tbsp. ketchup  (can replace with pasta sauce too)
7)  2 tbsp.worcestershire  sauce or soy sauce
8)  1/3 tbsp. butter
9)  1 tsp cumin powder


1.  Cook butter, beef, chopped onions, mince garlic over medium heat.

2.  When onions turn transparent, add ketchup, chili powder and worcestershire sauce and stir well.

3.  Add 1 cup of water and stir occasionally.

4.  Finally add cumin.  Reduce heat to low and simmer until desire thickness. 


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