Sweet Potato and Ginger Dessert Soup 番薯姜糖水

My grandma used to make this dessert.  Whenever, she cooked it, I would always eat more than my share.  I like the warm and slightly spicy taste of the ginger and the nice aroma of pandan leaves.   

1.  1 big sweet potato or 2 medium sweet potatoes (You can use different types of sweet potoates.)
2.  2 to 3 pandan leaves (optional)
3.  2 inches ginger
4.  some rock sugar (adjust to taste)
5.  1.5 litre water

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1.  Peel, wash and cut sweet potato into chuck.
2.  Mash ginger to bring out the flavour. 
3.  Bring water to boil.  Put ginger, sweet potato and pandan leaves.  Boil for 15 to 20 minutes using medium heat.
4.  Add rock sugar and simmer until sugar dissolves.
5.  Serve hot or cold.

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