Foolproof Hollandaise Sauce

It is always prefect to top poached eggs with hollandaise sauce.  Here is a foolproof hollandaise sauce recipe for your prefect brunch.


1.  100g unsalted butter
2.  2 egg yolks
3.  1 tbsp lemon
4.  1 tbsp water
5.  a pinch of salt


Step A
1.  Blend egg yolks, lemon juice, water and a pinch of salt.  Set aside.

Step B

1.  Melt  butter in a small pan.  Then transfer the melted butter to a jug or measuring cup.

2.  Pour melted butter gradually into the A in 3 batches.
Add melted butter to eggs and water
3.  Blend until butter is incorporated into the egg yolks.

Smooth hollandaise sauce


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