Chicken Nanban

Chicken Nanban is actually western style food adapted to suit Japanese tastes.  This succulent chicken dish originated in Miyazaki Prefecture.  It is actually fried chicken 'soak' in soy sauce and vinegar sauce and topped with tartar sauce.


1.  400g chicken breast
2.  1 beaten egg yolk
3.  corn flour
4.  salt and pepper

Nanban sauce

1.  1 tbsp soy sauce
2.  1 tbsp vinegar
3.  1 tbsp sugar
4.  2 tbsps. water
5.  1/2 dried red chilli , remove seeds (optional) 

Tartar sauce

1.  1/2 cup diced carrots
2.  1/2 cup diced prickle cucumber
3.  1/2 diced onion
4.  1 hard boiled egg ( cut into small pieces)
5.  1/2 cup mayonnaise
6.  pepper to taste


Nanban Sauce

1.   Combine soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and water into a bowl.  Stir them until sugar dissolves.   

Tartar Sauce

1.  Add salt to chopped onion and let it set for a while.  Squeeze out excess water from the onion, 
2.  Combine carrot, prickle cucumber, onion and egg in a large bowl.
3.  Add mayonnaise and mix well.
4.  Season with pepper.

1.  Butterfly chicken

Butterfly chicken breast
2.  Season chicken with salt and pepper.  Dip chicken into lightly beaten the eggs. Coat chicken with cornflour.
3.  Deep fried chicken until golden brown.  I do not like to use too much oil so I shallow fried my chicken. 
4.  Dip chicken in Nanban sauce.
5.  Top chicken with tartar sauce.  Serve with salad. 

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