Stir Fry French Beans 乾煸四季豆

We order stir fry french beans with dried shrimps most of the time when we patronise the Chinese eatries.  I like the fragrant and savoury taste of the dried shrimps and the crunch of french beans.
It is important to use leaner type of french beans as it is more crunchy.


1.  French Beans (1 packet, remove both ends)
2.  2 tbsp. dried shrimps (soak in water until soften, pat dried and coarsely chopped)
3.  2 tbsp. of the water use to soak dried shrimps
4.  80g to 100 g mince pork
5.  1 tsp mince garlic
6.  1 tsp mince ginger
7.  1/4 tsp vinegar
8.  1 tsp. soy sauce
9.  1/2 tsp sugar
10.  1/3 cup chicken stock
11.  1/3 cup chopped spring onions


1.  Deep fry french beans in a wok of oil. (Oil must not be too hot at the beginning of this process.)
     Set aside when beans are cooked.
2.  In another pan, cook mince pork without oil.
3.  Add chopped dried shrimps and fry until fragrant.
4.  Add french beans, mince garlic and ginger and stir fry.
5.  Add water use for dried shrimps and chicken stock.
6.  Cook until water evaporate.  Add soy sauce and sugar and stir fry.
7.  Add spring onion.
8.  Before turning off the heat, add vinegar and give it a final stir.

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