Mee Sua Soup 面线汤

My colleague cooked mee sua soup 面线汤 in the office last week.  I was amazed how delicious it was.  I asked her how to manage to cook such delicious mee sua soup with just a pot and a few ingredients.  She told me she only added some dried scallops to plain water and added the mee sua into the broth when it was ready.  Wow....simple right? She told me a secret ingredient she added to dish.  "Fried garlic is a must." she told me.  Fried garlic made the dish extra delicious.  She also added fried whitebait or silver fish 银鱼.  These two ingredients added crunch to the mee sua soup.  I used these two ingredients in my mee sua soup and it was a hit.

Fried garlic

1)  some dried scallop or anchovies
2)  100g minced pork / chicken / beef
3)  3 dried mushrooms
4)  1 stalk spring onions or coriander (chop)
5)  fried garlic
6)  silver fish 银鱼
7)  1 litre of water
8)  Mee Sua 面线

1)  Add dried scallops or anchovies to 1 litre of water and cook for about 60 mins

1)  Marinate minced meat with some light soy sauce, pepper, minced ginger, cornstarch for 10 mins.
2)  Roll into balls
3)  Cook meat in boiling broth

1)  Soak mushroom in water until soft.
2)  Slice mushrooms thinly and sautee with some light soy sauce

Mee Sua
1)  Cook mee sua in broth.  Do not cook for too long as mee sua will turn lumpy.
2)  Serve with spring onion, fried garlic, silver fish, mushroom


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