Mango Pomelo Sago with Mango Juice 杨枝甘露

I love mango pomelo sago.  The minimum price of a small bowl of this dessert is $3.50 and it is not even up to standard.  The best mango pomelo sago I have ever eaten is at Hong Kong.  I couldn't find any mango pomelo sago here that is comparable with the ones in Hong Kong.  After trying a few recipes, this recipe is the best.  I made it for my colleagues and everyone gave me a thumb up.  This recipe is really worth trying.


1. 500 ml Mango juice
2. 150 ml evaporated milk
3. 2 mangoes
4. 80g sago pearls
5. 1/6 pomelo  (of course you can add more pomelo if you want)
    * peel and separate sacs


1.  Soak sago for about 30 mins. Cook in boiling water until translucent.
     Run the cooked sago through a sieve and running water to remove excess starch, then set aside.
2.  Cut mango into small cubes.
3.  Blend mango cubes together with evaporated milk in a blender.
4.  Pour mango puree and sago into mango juice and stir well.
5.  Serve with some mango cubes, and pomelo.

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