Slice Fish with Ginger 姜葱鱼片

Sometimes I will order slice fish with ginger from the Tze Cha stall.  I like the combination of ginger, spring onion and fish.  Slice fish is always tender and the sauce, savoury.   It also goes very well with rice. This is my version of slice fish and ginger.  It is simple to prepare and yet delicious.


1.  300g slice fish (I got mine from local supermarket.)
2.  4 stalks of spring onion (cut into about 5 cm)
3.  2 thumb size ginger (slice thinly)
4.  2 to 3 cloves garlic (minced)
5.  1 tbsp. oyster sauce
6.  1 cup chicken stock
7.  1/2 tsp sugar
8.  1/2 tsp salt
9.  1 tbsp. cornstarch water
10.  1 tbsp. sesame oil
11.  1 tbsp. Shao Xing wine

Marinate for fish

1.  1 tbsp. ginger juice
2.  1/2 tsp salt
3.  1/2 tsp pepper
4.  1 tsp Shao Xing wine

1.  Marinate slice fish with ginger juice, salt, pepper and Shao Xing wine for 15 min.
2.  Pan fry fish in a heated wok and set aside.

3.  Fry ginger until fragrant.  Add minced garlic.

4.  Add fish, oyster sauce, chicken stock, salt and sugar.  Stir gently to prevent fish from breaking.

5. Add in spring onions and stir fry for a few minutes.


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