Soy Sauce Chicken Wings

I love to watch 'Home Food Rescue' by Mr Baek.  He teaches easy to prepare recipe.  I will faithfully copy all his recipes and the methods in my notebook while watching the show.  Of course, my hubby and children are my guinea pigs, happy ones in this case.   I wanted to cook a chicken wings dish as we had not have chicken wings for quite a while.  Dishing out my recipe note book, this chicken wings recipe seems easy and fuss free.  All I had to do was to assemble all the ingredients and let it simmer while cleaning the house.  The end product was sweet and tender chicken wings.

Chicken wings, spring onions, chilli, slices of ginger

1.  1 kg chicken wings
2.  5 slices ginger
3.  1 tbsp. minced garlic
4.  A bunch of spring onion ( cut into sections)
5.  1 chilli ( slices )
6.  Sesame seeds (optional)


1.  1/2 cup soy sauce
2.  1/2 cup sugar
3.  1 cup water


1.  Wash chicken wings.
2.  Place chicken wings and all the other ingredients (except chilli) into a cooking pot.
3.  Simmer in medium heat until sauce thicken.
4.  Add chilli and continue to simmer in low heat until no more liquid.

Add chopped chillies when sauce thickens
5.  Serve with sesame seeds.

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