Kaya Recipe

I love traditional kaya toast with a cup of tradition coffee for breakfast.  I always have the impression that it is difficult to make kaya.  During a tea session with my friends, I suggested making kaya.  My friend May, who loves to cook and bake, checked out different recipes and even bought all the ingredients required.  Armed with excitement, I went to her house to make our first pot of kaya.


1)  6 eggs
2)  200 ml coconut milk
3)  200 ml icing sugar
4)  a bunch of pandan leaves (crushed and tie into a knot)


1)  Crack the eggs into a big bowl.  Gently break and stir the eggs.  Do not whisk it as it will introduce air. 

2)  Add icing sugar in batches and stir well.  Add coconut milk and continue to stir.
3)  We are using the double boiling method.  Place the bowl on top of the boiler or a pot of boiling water.  Add pandan leaves into the mixture.  At this point, prepare a book, watch a movie etc because we have to stir for about 40 minutes.
4)  After about 40 minutes, mixture will be curd-liked.  Remove bowl and stir for a few minutes.
5)  There will be a bit lumpy but is alright.  Now we can enjoy the fruit of our hard work.


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