Firm Tou Fu (Tau Kua )with Thai Sauce with Airfryer

Firm tou fu or tau kua with Thai sauce is a fuss salad

1. 1 piece of firm tou fu (tau kua)
2. 1/2 carrot (shredded)
3. 1/2 cucumber or zucchini ( shredded)
4.iceberg lettuce ( cut into small pieces)

5. Some beansprouts
6. Thai chilli sauce
7. Some grounded peanuts and sesame


1. Cut firm tou fu into quarter.  Put them in airfryer (180 degree , 8 mins). You can also deep fried the tou fu.

2. Blanch beansprouts. Once beansprouts are removed from hot water quickly put them into ice water for a few seconds. This will help retains the crunchiness.
3. Arrange tou fu , beansprouts, the rest of the vegetables in a bowl.
4. Add grounded peanuts, sesame and thai chilli sauce.


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