Fried Bee Hoon

Fried bee hoon is a great dish for gathering and party as it goes with any finger food or curry.


1)  1 packet of bee hoon
2)  4 cloves of garlic
3)  3 cloves of shallots
4)  1 bunch of cai xin
5)   1 can of luncheon meat (dice)
6)  1 carrot (cut into thin strips)
7)  2 eggs
8)  Lettuce ( cut into strips)
9)  1 fish cake (Optional)
10)  1 small bowl chicken stock
11) salt, pepper and sesame oil


1)  Soak bee hoon in water until soft.  Remove it from water.  Put bee hoon in a big bowl and cover it with a lid.  This way, texture of bee hoon will be more Q.  In Chinese, it means 燜 bee hoon. 
3)  Slice fish cake into thin slices.
4)  Beat eggs and fried them.  When cooked, remove from wok and leave it to cool.  Cut them into strips.
5)  Fry luncheon meat until brown.  Remove it from wok and put it away.
6)  Fry garlic and shallots until fragrant.  Add carrots, cai xin.  Stir fry them for a while. 

7)  When carrot and cai xin are cooked, add bee hoon and stir fry. 
8)  Add luncheon meat, sliced fish cake and continue to stir fry.
9)  Add chicken stock to the bee hoon and stir fry. Cover the wok for a few minutes so that bee hoon can absorb chicken stock.
10)  Add salt, pepper and sesame oil and stir fry the bee hoon.
11)  When bee hoon is cooked, garnish with eggs and lettuce.

1.  You can use chicken cube if you do not have chicken stock.
      Dissolve 1/2 chicken cube to a small pot of boiling water.
2.  Sometimes I will use ham instead of luncheon meat.

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