Slappy Pancakes

Slappy Pancakes is a fun and popular breakfast spots in Portland, USA.  It has been in Singapore since 2009.  This is a place for parents who don't know what to do with their children.  This is also a place where children have the right to play with their food.

Anyone can have lots of fun at Slappy Pancakes if they follow the following steps.

Step 1
Select the types of batter. 

There are basically 5 flavour to choose from, chocolate; whole grain; peanut butter; buttermilk and the unusual zucchini. 

Step 2
Select toppings.

Step 3
Create your own pancakes.

We followed these 3 steps and had a fun and creative lunch at Slappy Pancakes.  I had buttermilk batter with sautee mushrooms and ham for toppings.  Then we transformed into 'Food Artist'.

Adults who do not enjoy creating their pancakes can choose from the a-la-cart menu.
We had Bolognese and Old Fashioned Breaded Dory Fish.  I wondered if it was due to the fun we had, we also enjoyed the Bolognese and Breaded Dory Fish.  I must comment that although the dory fish was deep fried, it was not oily at all.

Slappy Pancakes was not only awarded the "America's Best" by Food Network but also "Best of the Best Family Friendly Restaurant" by Parents World (2013) and "Best Dessert Awards 2014" by The Food Journal, Best in Pancakes Concept. (Issue 3) 2014.

My Ratings  :  4.5 / 5

Websites  :

Address: Slappy Cakes
Resorts World Sentosa
26 Sentosa Gateway (next to Universal Studios)
Singapore 098269
Tel:+65 6795 0779
Fax:+65 6795 8201

Address:Slappy Cakes
The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road (Old Turf Club in Bt.Timah)
Singapore 287994
Tel:+65 6465 1814
Fax:+65 6466 3277


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