Kok Sen Resturant at Keong Saik Road

I like to go to the older estates for meals.  I find the food at these estates taste better than newer estates.  There were many eateries along Keong Saik Road.  Most of them were cafes.  One of the eateries that stand out among the 'Westerners' was Kok Sen Restaurant. 
We managed to get a table despite the dinner crowd.  The dishes on the menu were almost similar to any usual zi char stall.  
We loved the stir-fried black pepper beef.  The black pepper sauce was hot and really whet our appetite. 

Stir-fried black pepper beer

Our favourite was Sambal Chilli Kang Kong.  The chilli was spicy and very shiok.  It was not a problem finishing a bowl of rice with only this dish.

Sambal Chilli Kang Kong
However, I was disappoint with the Prawn Paste chicken.  I was expecting chicken wings but small parts of chicken were served instead. 

Prawn Paste Chicken

Beware..... there is no AC.  If you have low threshold for heat...avoid this place.

My ratings  :  3.8  /5

Address  :  30 B Keong Saik Road

Telephone: 6223 2005

Operation Hours  :  11.30 am to 10.30 pm


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