Strictly Pancakes

My mum used to make pancakes for me when I was young.  Lovely buttery smell would fill the kitchen whenever she made them.  Therefore I always look forward to a nice piece of pancake.

I was looking for a place to have breakfast at the same time get my work done.  Killiney Café was crowded.  I did not want people looking over my shoulders wondering what I was doing and giving me nasty stares.  I ventured along Upper East Coast Road, looking for a peaceful looking eatery.  Strictly Pancakes Store was soon waving to me.   There were not many people and for a cafe that specialises only in pancakes,  I would assume the owner is proud of his pancakes recipe and it must be special and delicious.

I actually wanted to order a savoury pancake but was told they only serves the breakfast set and standard pancakes.  I settled for pancakes with scramble eggs.  I didn't wait too long for my breakfast. The pancakes were beautifully cooked...thick and brown on the outside. They were also fluffy and soft.  There was slight hint of lemon too.  Scramble eggs were well cooked...not to runny or dry. Just the way I like it.  The pancakes are served along with Pure Canadian Maple Syrup and  Specialty Butters.  We can choose to have salted, unsalted or garlic and herb butter.....what a lot of choices for butter.

I personally like this place.  It is quiet, spacious and I believe children would enjoy their pancakes here.  I did manage to complete my work while enjoying my breakfast.

Strictly Pancakes has inspired be to make my own pancakes.  I would ask my mum for her recipe and create my own pancakes.

My Ratings  :  3.6 / 5
81 Upper East Coast Rd
Singapore 455220
 Tel: 6448 7332

 44A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188674
Tel: 6333 4202

Opening Hours:
Mon:1800 – 2200*
Tue – Thu:1130 – 2200*
Fri:1130 – 0000**
Sat:1000 – 1600*

1800 – 0000**
Sun:1000 – 1600*

1800 – 2200*
*Kitchen closes 30 min before
**Kitchen closes 45 min before

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