Mini Steamboat @ Kallang Bahru

If you want to enjoy steamboat on your own, visit the stall at Food Cheery Coffee Shop at Kallang Bahru.  You can have a mini steamboat for just $4.50.  

There is a choice of either pork set or chicken set.  I had the pork mini steamboat.  There were pork belly, lean meat, cabbage, lettuce, a half a cob of corn and 2 fishballs.  According to the banner, no msg is added to the soup. 

Indeed, the soup was light and not oily.  The taste of the soup was enhanced when all the ingredients were added into it.  I like the fishballs.  They were handmade and bouncy.  You can also choose different sauce to go with your mini steamboat too.

My Ratings  :  3.2 / 5

Address : 
Food Cheery Coffee Shop
Blk 63 Kallang Bahru


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