The Tiramisu Hero

Yesterday I went to The Tiramisu Hero with a friend. My friend was quite impressed with the decoration.  Although it was a Monday afternoon, there were quite a number of customers.  We wanted to order coffee and cakes but realised that they only serve tiramisu and waffles.  So we ordered an original tiramisu and a waffle with vanilla ice cream. When the tiramisu was served,  both my friend and I got a shock.  It was so tiny.  The staff asked if we state the size of tiramisu.   There were three, mama and papa. We were also told that the original tiramisu was out of stock.  Poor us...we got to share the miserable tiny tiramisu.

$3.50 for mini tiramisu in a cupcake

Thank goodness the tiramisu taste ok but too small for me to comment.  I personally felt that my friend and I were playing a tea party game 'masak masak' as the cup of Macchiato was also so tiny.

$5.50 for this mini cup of Macchiato

As we were commenting how tiny the tiramisu was, our waffle was served. We heaved a sign of relieve as the waffle was of the right size and there were two scoops of ice cream.   The waffle was crispy type.  The ice cream complemented the waffles well....just the way I like it.
$7 for Plain waffles.  Add $4 for ice cream
A corner of the café was set aside for retail.  The accessories were quite pretty.

My Ratings :  3.6 / 5
Address  :  121 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207548
Tel  :  62925271
Opening hours  :  11 am to 10 pm (closed on Wednesdays)
Nearest MRT station  :  Farrer Park (10 mins walk)
                                       Lavender (6-8 mins walk)

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