Cho Wan Garden (Korean Restaurant)

Cho Wan Garden is a  humble looking restaurant.  There is a big television showing Korean Variety Show.  I did not have much expectation on the food as only two tables were occupied. 

I always enjoyed the Korean side dishes.  I can have a bowl of rice with all the side dishes.  The side dishes served in this restaurant were the kimchi, parboiled spinach, kimchi radish, fishcake and ikan bilis (Myulchi Bokkeum).  We liked the kimchi most and finished it within minutes.

Kimchi Pancake was huge.  There were cabbage, spring onions and prickled radish.  It was only crispy on one side as the heat was not evenly distributed during the cooking process.  However, the crispy side was delicious.  The inside was moist and a bit sour due to the prickled radish. 

Our favourite was Ginseng Chicken.  The chicken was tender.  The soup was clear and the smell of ginseng was not overpowering. 


Beef Bulgogi was tender and melted in our mouth.  The marinate was well-balanced.

Kimchi Stew had a generous portion of cabbage and prickled radish.  It was thick, spicy and sour at the same time. 

Overall, I would describe this dinning experience as a satisfying homecooked meal.  I would recommend this humble restaurant to my friends.

My Ratings  :  3.7 / 5

Address  :  #01-01, 2 Peck Seah Street

Telephone  :  62251317

Daily: 11:30 - 14:30
Daily: 17:30 - 22:00


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