Rolls of Popiah

Popiah is a healthy food which I enjoy. It is not easy to prepare as it requires a lot of time and effort in cutting and preparing the ingredients.

It is normal to spot a long queue at the popiah stall at Bishan Kim San Leng 金山嶺 Coffee Shop .  I like the popiah as the owner is always generous with the ingredients.  I notice that she is very particular about the quality of her popiah as she ensures the each popiah has the right proportion of each ingredients.   She adds a lot of bean sprouts,  peanuts and the crunchy fritters. She is also very particular about the way each popiah is rolled.  The popiah is moist and juicy. Every bites is accompanied by the fragrant and crunch of peanuts and crunchy fritters.  Sure worth queuing for 15 mins.

Calories : 142 (
My Ratings : 4.5/5

Address  :  Kam San Leng Food Centre
                  511 Bishan Street 11
                  Singapore 570511

The price of a roll of popiah has increased from $1.30 to $1.50

Aunty has the ability to prepare 6 rolls of popiah in one go

Lots of peanuts, crunchy fritters, cucumber, bean sprouts and turnips in a roll

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