Pork Chop Bun versus Instant Noodles

Part 1 - Instant Noodles

When I was in Hong Kong,  it is common to find soup instant noodles with a choice of luncheon meat or sausage (餐蛋面 or  肠蛋面) in all the menus of Cha Cheng Teng (茶餐厅 ).  I always wonder why the stalls don't sell them in Singapore.  I finally found a coffee shop that sells them.  The Singapore version is , however, dry.  Yes...no soup provided.
The instant noodles are fried with the seasoning found in a regular packet of instant noodles.  Aunty also adds eggs and ham when she is frying the noodles.  You can customize your noodles by add sausage, chicken cutlet or braised pork.  Very interestingly, there are mayonnaise, chilli sauce and melted cheese on the side of the plate.    It tastes just like the instant noodles we cook at home but you can be creative by eating it with the sauces provided.  It is a hit with the children.

My Ratings  :  2.5 /5

Menu and price list

Part 2 - Pork Chop Bun

The pork chop bun sold in this coffee shop definitely capture the attention of both children and ladies.  I couldn't help but order a pork chop bun as I was attracted by the cute looking bun. 
The pork chop is well marinated but it has a strong taste of black pepper.  The pork chop is quite big but not dry.  The slice of cheese melts a little due to the heat of the pork chop and it adds fragrant to the bun. 
I really enjoyed my pork chop bun.  Unfortunately it does not come with fries.  Maybe next time when I visit the coffee shop again, I will suggest to the aunty to add fries to this dish.

The coffee shop also sells Crispy Chicken Bun, Bacon and Egg Bun, Ham and Egg Bun.

My Ratings  :  3 / 5

Address :  Seng Huat Coffee Shop 成发咖啡屋
                 Blk 811 Hougang Central #01-206 Singapore, Singapore 530811

The piggy bun looks cute.


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