Creamy Peanut Butter Toast

Is Toast Box the only place you go for thick peanut butter toast?  No no....
A humble stall at the Tanjong Rhu estate sells thick peanut butter toast at a fraction of the price Toast Box sells. A la carte order for a slice of thick peanut butter toast is only $1.20. A set of toast , coffee and two soft boiled eggs cost $2.40.  Unlike many coffee shops that put eggs into a container and customers have to time the eggs themselves, the owner will ensure that the eggs are properly cook before serving.   That's why I have to wait for 5 mins before collecting my order.  The thick toast is soft and peanut butter is creamy.   There is even thick kaya toast.

My Ratings : 3/5
Address : Blk 4A Jalan Batu Market and Food Centre

Nearest MRT station: Mountbatten MRT station


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