Surprise discovery at Jalan Besar...

I feel like a tourist in my own country when I went to Jalan Besar. It is somewhere I have not been before.  I have heard so much about Jalan Besar stadium but have not been there. Finally went there and I like the place very much. It is dotted with many cute cafes. Windowsill pies is one of them. The pies are good. However if you want to order main course,  choices are limited. I wish they have pictures of main courses on display as the waiter had to describe the courses on the menu to us. The pie section should also indicate the name of the pie so that we do not need to ask the counter staff. Prices of pies are also not displayed. Overall the food is ok. The price is abit steep for the portion I get...e.g. 2 stuff chicken wings for $11. I would go back for the pies though.

My Ratings:
Pies : 4/5
Main courses :3/5

Address : 78 Horne Road Singapore 209078
Tel : 9004 7827
Opening Hours : 11 am to 10.30 pm

Nearest MRT station : Lavender Mrt station


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